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RSA Talent Equity® | Leaders in Oncology Innovation

The RSA Group has published the latest of its Talent Equity® Reports: Leaders in Oncology Innovation.  The new report identifies academia as the driving force in biotech’s fast moving oncology sector.  Almost half of the sectors scientific leadership coming from academic research and many others acting as key players in vital collaborations between industry, academia, charities and governments.

When analysing the leadership talent behind the firms, we specifically looked at CEOs, COOs, CSOs/CTOs & CMOs.  Some highlights include:

  • breakthrough research coming out of academia fuels both drug discovery and clinical development;
  • CEOs are either founders or join the team earlier on to take the company through multiple funding rounds all the way through the IPO or other exit;
  • Scientific leads are foundation members – success comes from their expertise

“Transitions from academia/the not-for-profit sector to industry are a sign of the intense competition for talent in this space. These transitions and the growth in collaborations are acting as a catalyst and are helping to solve the problem of talent shortages” according to Nick Stephens, Executive Chair at The RSA Group. “The academic leaders who make the move from scientific and medical academia to industry often bring connections to a significant and extended network, adding to a company’s reach and acting as a magnet for future talent”.

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