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2021 HBA Europe Region Mentoring Program

April 1

If you’re an industry leader — or want to become one — here’s your chance to learn, grow and forge meaningful relationships with others. This mentoring program harnesses the power of the group to help mentees set and achieve professional/career goals and forge new connections. Mentoring takes place one-on-one, and each 1:1 pairing functions independently, setting its own meeting dates, times and locations.

• Mentors and mentees complete the mentoring program application; the mentoring program committee uses the
information provided in the match process to create mentoring pairings.
Pairs are matched manually and the global nature of the European program allows us
to hand-pick the best mentoring match for you from anywhere in the world.
• Each mentoring pairing is 1:1 to allow for confidentiality and individualized focus on the mentees’ needs and goals.
• Mentoring pairings share a common area of interest/focus, developmental area or type of goal.
• Key program information (definition of mentoring, mentor/mentee roles and responsibilities, goal-setting forms/other
available tools and resources) will be shared with mentors and mentees prior to/during the kickoff.
• This is a mentee-driven program.
• Mentees set a goal at the beginning of the program; mentors help make progress toward achieving their goals.
• All mentors and mentees participate in the kickoff event; each mentoring pairing (1:1) determines its own rules/expectations
and establishes its own meeting format and schedule.
• Pairings work together over the course of approximately nine months, meeting at least once per month to help
mentees make progress toward their goals.
• Mid-year virtual networking webinars and speaker events will allow participants to connect, expand their network, and learn
from mentoring experts.
• Buddy groups with experienced mentors are available to support new mentors with any questions that may come up
during the mentoring journey.
• Dedicated connector team will check in every 3 months with each participant individually to assess mentoring satisfaction and
provide support.
• At the end of the program, mentees assess the progress they made toward their goals, and consider how to continue to
leverage/apply what they’ve learned.

Program activities
• Mentor Training (Virtual): week of 22 March
• Mentee Orientation (Virtual): week of 29 March
• Program kickoff: week of 12 April
• 1:1 Mentoring pairings meet on their own (virtually) from April through December 2021 (~9 months)
• Mid-Year event (Virtual): TBD
• Closing celebration (Virtual): mid-December 2021

Mentee or mentor?
• Mentees are emerging leaders. They have a strong sense of their development needs and can identify one or more areas in which they need mentoring support. Mentees must have the time to prepare for group meetings, fully participate and help plan these sessions, and then “do the work” — that is, be willing to stretch, take risks and use resources to tackle their mentoring goal.

• Mentors are seasoned executives with significant experience in the healthcare industry or related services. They have a keen sense of their own strengths coupled with the ability and commitment needed to guide their mentees. Mentors are willing to share of themselves — relaying stories and anecdotes from his or her career, recounting successes and failures, offering ideas and approaches and identifying tools and connections. Most mentors have experience in a director-level or higher position and/or have developed both individuals and teams.

How to apply – Two steps
1. All mentees and mentors must register by clicking on the button below. Mentees pay the mentee program fee now.
2. All mentees and mentors must complete the online application survey by the registration close date; this survey link is
automatically sent via email as soon as this registration is completed. (Please be sure you are currently subscribed
to receive HBA emails.)

• Applicants must register and complete their respective application surveys by the registration deadline to be
considered for the program.
• If a mentee cannot be accommodated in the program, the mentee program fee will be refunded in full.

HBA membership requirements
This is an HBA members-only program, and both mentees and mentors must be/become HBA members to participate. Mentees and mentors who are accepted into the program, elect to participate and who are not already members must join the HBA prior to attending the program kickoff. Please note:
• Mentees: HBA annual membership dues are separate and distinct from the mentee program fee and represent an
additional charge.
• HBA annual membership dues are not refundable. Make sure you have been accepted into the program and have decided
to participate before joining.

Consult your manager or HR department to see if reimbursement will be provided. Find out more about the value of HBA membership and the annual nonrefundable membership dues here.

Is this event refundable? Yes, under these conditions:
1. If a mentee cannot be accommodated within the program, the mentee program fee will be refunded in full.
2. If a mentee decides to withdraw from the program after registering, he or she must notify the mentoring program committee in writing by emailing europe-mentoring@hbanet.org by 1 March 2021. After that, no refunds are available, unless you are not accepted into the program.


April 1
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