As a candidate, you’re part of our extended team, sharing our goal of making a positive impact on medical advances.


  • We have four decades of talent management experience in the life sciences sector and as a result we can have more targeted and insightful conversations with you.
  • We offer broad knowledge across the industry and keep abreast of all key drivers impacting your sector, making you feel confident that our consultants truly understand what you are looking for in your next career move.
  • We are always transparent in our approach and work ethically, giving you first class service all the way through the process, from introduction through to shortlist and completion of contract.

Please include in your candidate notes the following information:

  • What type of employment you are searching for, interim or permanent?  Are you open to both?
  • Indicate what types of positions you are targeting for your next career move.
  • Where you would prefer to work, which other locations you would consider and any you would not.
  • Your current salary and benefits package and the salary you seek.
  • Work permits: please advise us of your situation if you may need one for certain areas where you would consider working.